In the modern digital economy, portals and content platforms are still the single most
effective way for organisations to engage with customers, partners and employees. Users
expect to interact with organisations at any time, from anywhere using any device. The
quality of an organisation’s online presence more often than not sets the expectation
with its consumers as to the quality of the overall engagement with that organisation,
and serves as a barometer for digital maturity.

9TH BIT portal technologies allow us to create interaction platforms that integrate
content, business processes, information and applications, across a wide variety of
consumer devices.


Self-service portals:

  • Help organisations to increase their productivity while reducing cost, by connecting
    people with processes and information, anytime and anywhere.
  • Ensure a consistent user experience across devices, processes, information resources
    and applications.
  • Reduce time to market through component and asset re-use when delivering user
  • Offer customer and context-aware portal technologies that encourages customer loyalty
    by delivering the right information at the right time.