Application Performance Management

Today’s application environments are distributed and complex, making them difficult to
monitor, manage and troubleshoot. How do you know you are getting the best performance
you can from every component?

To effectively monitor the performance of an application, all aspects of the environment
need to be examined. Comprehensive monitoring at this scale can quickly bring your
applications performance to its knees.

Simplifying performance requires thinking about it from the start and throughout the
life cycle of an application. The key is to be proactive.

At 9TH BIT we implement a three-pronged, holistic approach to help you:

  • Prevent problems, instead of reacting to them after they have caused damage.
  • Do proactive tuning and correct sizing of your environment.
  • Provide continuous monitoring with zero configuration and low overheads.



Applications Performance Management enables you to:

  • Prevent problems and avoid outages rather than having to do root cause analysis
  • Get peak performance without spending days and nights on tuning.
  • Leverage built-in expert knowledge for lightning-fast problem detection and receive
    intelligent recommendations to resolve the issues.
  • Auto-detect performance bottlenecks, slow transactions, stuck thread and deadlocks in
    your production environment and get automated root cause analysis of performance
  • Auto-detect memory leaks and the cause of memory leaks down to the exact code.
  • Analyse detailed historical server information, even pre-crash conditions in the case
    of a crash