Twistlock is the world’s first comprehensive cloud native security platform —
protecting all your workloads across any environment — hosts, containers, and

Twistlock provides full lifecycle security for containerized environments. From
pipeline to perimeter, Twistlock allows security teams to scale securely and
devops teams to deploy containers fearlessly. The Twistlock Platform goes
beyond just containers to secure the entire cloud native stack, from the host
OS to serverless functions.

As companies move to containers and the cloud native ecosystem, an opportunity
exists for stronger cybersecurity than ever before. By seamlessly integrating
across the application delivery lifecycle, Twistlock learns expected
application behavior, and uses machine learning to model this behavior and
automatically create and enforce whitelist based runtime protection and
firewalling. This automated approach to security not only reduces the workload
on security teams, but by profiling every application and flagging any
anomalous behavior, ultimately delivers better security than ever before.