Enterprise Integration

Middleware Landscape Analysis

With the adoption of technology throughout organisations, it is usual to find a myriad
of Middleware present with no real strategy or know-how as to the reason for the
presence of multiple Middleware technology. Often this will lead to further sprawl and
duplication within organisations.

At 9TH BIT we help you to understand the AS/IS of your environments and the principals
that drive the adoption of Middleware. With this knowledge we build a TO/BE that is
based on sound principals and guidelines to create efficiencies and consolidation in
your Middleware environments.

SOA Reference Architecture

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – Alan Lakein

When organisations decide to embark on a SOA journey, it’s of utmost importance to have
a solid blueprint to work from. At 9TH BIT we believe that crafting a SOA Reference
Architecture to understand the various components that will be used in the SOA adoption
and the role that they will play, will greatly improve the successful adoption of SOA.

9TH BIT has successfully assisted a number of customers to build and realise SOA
Reference Architectures in a practical manner that is structured and easy to adopt.

SOA Governance

With any plan, you need rules and regulations to keep the plan on track. It’s no
different in the SOA space where principals and guidelines help drive the SDLC within
the SOA environment. Often too many rules or the perception of “red tape” have hampered
the adoption of SOA throughout organisations and the word “governance” often elicits a
negative connotation.

At 9TH BIT we believe in a user-friendly approach to SOA Governance to rather build a
practical enablement with the necessary checks and balances to keep the SOA adoption on