Continuous Delivery & DevOps

Continuous Delivery is a software delivery strategy aimed at moving your ideas into
production as fast and efficiently as possible. This allows you to validate your
business at an early stage of your delivery process, allowing you to adjust when
required. Because part of the solution is based upon automation of your delivery
pipeline, which in itself constitutes an error-prone process, your delivery will
become more reliable.

DevOps is a software development method that emphasizes communication, collaboration
(information sharing and web service usage), integration, automation and measurement of
co-operation between software developers and other IT professionals. The method
acknowledges the inter-dependence of software development, quality assurance and IT
operations, and aims to help organisations rapidly produce software products and
services and to improve operations performance.


Continuous Delivery and DevOps will automate your delivery pipeline:

  • Code is managed in version control
  • Compilation and packaging of code is performed centrally in a completely automated
  • Testing is automated and is treated as an integral part of the delivery process
  • Applications are automatically deployed, end-to-end, to one or more environments
  • Server environments are created and torn down with a push of a button
  • Clear, quality-focused status reports are provided based on facts, not stories